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Little Bird

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artist – Ken Garduno

words given – little bird

A Body Part

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Artist – Diane Michaeli

words given – a body part

Second Mailing

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Artists Round 2

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Gabriela Salazar – The Dreamer

Joe Infurnari – Relaxed Shoe

Abby Denson – Bottles and Wishes

Sara Varon – A ghostly visitor

BH – Jack in the Box

Julia Denos– Cruel Stars

SH- Gang of Four

DT- Bad Day

Chip Zdarsky – Astronaut at Work

PH – Closet Monster

CS – Train Voyage

Talking to Bobby

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Today I went to the post office.  I go there a lot because I love mail.  I’ve had the same po box for 14 years now so I guess I have known my post office box postal worker Bobby for that long, too.  I have even sent him postcards on occasion care of my own po box because I’m sure that’s kind of fun to be sorting the mail and go and put it in the po box and see that it’s for you.  Anyway, I love the way my post office feels like a small town post office even though it’s in the middle of a big city.  Or maybe it feels like that because I’ve been going there for so long.

I really like mail.  Sending it and receiving it.  So I use my post office a lot.

Anyway, I thought maybe I should ask Bobby if we could add Literary Diaspora to the sticker that is in my po box so that if he’s not sorting they know that it is definitely for me.

“I think I’ll be getting a lot of mail!” I said hopefully.

Bobby knows that I don’t get all that much mail.   But he has always been very encouraging.  Like he said to me just recently “Hey, this year I think you’ve been getting a lot more mail.  More than you ever have!”

“Bins!” I said. I’ve been telling him for years that there will be bins and bins of it one day.  Then we both have a good laugh. Because so far it’s mostly empty and full of dust.

“Literary Diaspora? What is this? Couldn’t you have come up with a simpler name?” he asked.

So I explained the project to him.

“You know what I like about that, Cecil?  It’s all through the mail. People don’t really use the mail much any more.  But it’s special.”

“I use it,” I said.  “Last year I sent a letter a day every day to someone different that I know for 40 days.  I called it my correspondence project.”

“I bet you they were real glad to get that letter from you,” Bobby said.

“They sure were,” I said.

“I bet you not a lot of them wrote you back,” he said.

“You are right,” I said.  “But I was still glad I did it.  I like writing letters.”

“People complain that they don’t get any.  But then people should mail things more often,” he said.

We talked more about the decline of old fashioned mail.  And then we talked more about my diaspora. Bobby likes the project.  He and I wondered about what the return rate might be.  He seemed to think that if I sent 100 cards out to visual artists, I’d get about 25-30 back.  I said I thought the return rate would be higher.  But I’m a hopeful kind of person.  I guess we’ll just see.

What is super exciting is that Bobby is really going to be the very first person to get any of the diaspora back.  Because he’s going to put it in the PO Box.  And what is exciting is that he likes the project and will know exactly what it is and he will be glad for me when something comes back.  This warms my heart in a beautiful way.

And you know what I think?  I think right now, right after you are done reading this, you should go write someone a letter.  They will be super glad to get it.  And you will feel very wonderful for writing one.

my po box is:  po box 29095 la ca 90029

First Mailing!

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Artists Round 1

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TN – Chair, Table Window

NP – forgiveness

JR – Street Scene

Kathrin Hilten – Woman and Ocean

MF– the best tree ever

KV – My last sigh

Deric Carner– the nuts and bolts

Mike Hollingsworth– Reborn

Ken Garduno – Little Bird

TM  – Up in the Sky

Lise Bernier – Judgment

Dan Santat– Pandora’s Box

Mo Willems – Music

BC – terrible garden

Anna Hollingsworth – Parents

Rachel Perry Welty – Dark and Stormy

MA – destiny

Diane Michaeli– body part

JP – Night Diner

JF– mythological creature

(when and if postcards come back, I will put the full name of artist and a link to them so you may enjoy what they do)

match making

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I am a little bit impoverished right now, so I only had enough money to budget for 20 stamps for my first word diaspora.  That’s OK I think.  It might actually be more fun to send out the words to artists in stages.

In love with the random, I decided to put all the artists I had written down on a list into one bowl and all the words from the first batch into the second bowl.  Then I randomly selected an artist and a word/phrase for them.

The trouble is that I don’t have the addresses (yet) for everyone.  Most people don’t have a snail mail address on their web site.  They have email for contact purposes.  But I really want this to be through the post.  So, I’m working on getting the addresses.

Another thing is that it was super exciting to see who got matched up with which word.  Most of them seemed perfect and made me interested to see what (if anything) they will send back.  There was only one time where I was like, “Oh! I don’t like that word for that artist!”  But I stuck to my guns and let it stick.  After all, who am I to say what will bring what?  The universe has spoken!

Next up:  putting the first packages together!

drafting my first letter

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I went to the cafe and got a croissant.  I wrote out a draft of the letter that I will send to artists. My handwriting is very, very messy.  It always has been.  I love writing letters but most times I think that the people who receive them have no idea what I’m saying.  So I think I will type this out.  I did buy some very nice cotton paper to print the letters on.  Also, I am very excited.

pens and paper

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Yesterday evening I bought some pens for my project.  I went to Blue Rooster and they were very nice helping this little lady pick the perfect pen to go with my arches cartes postale paper.

I picked Faber-Castell big brush artist pens in a few different colors.  I can’t wait to see what the words look like on the paper. I am also excited because Castell is kind of like Castellucci.  Except for the Ucci.  So you know, these pens and I, we’re like family.