An intention to scatter words

In Uncategorized on January 12, 2011 at 01:23

This is my diaspora.

diaspora – noun

(4) any group migration or flight from a country or region; dispersion.

I am going to scatter words into the wild through the mail and ask artists for images.  I am going to scatter them and see what images come back to me.  I will then release these images back into the wild, pressed, like flowers, between the pages of my favorite books.  I will scatter them here and there, for you and for me.   I am going to hope that readers will be inspired to write more words.  And that these new words, in the form of tiny poems, stories or grand thoughts and philosophies, will come back home to me.    And when they do, I will share them here for you to see.

I am going to begin.   This is the beginning.  First, I must choose words.


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