match making

In Uncategorized on January 21, 2011 at 14:30

I am a little bit impoverished right now, so I only had enough money to budget for 20 stamps for my first word diaspora.  That’s OK I think.  It might actually be more fun to send out the words to artists in stages.

In love with the random, I decided to put all the artists I had written down on a list into one bowl and all the words from the first batch into the second bowl.  Then I randomly selected an artist and a word/phrase for them.

The trouble is that I don’t have the addresses (yet) for everyone.  Most people don’t have a snail mail address on their web site.  They have email for contact purposes.  But I really want this to be through the post.  So, I’m working on getting the addresses.

Another thing is that it was super exciting to see who got matched up with which word.  Most of them seemed perfect and made me interested to see what (if anything) they will send back.  There was only one time where I was like, “Oh! I don’t like that word for that artist!”  But I stuck to my guns and let it stick.  After all, who am I to say what will bring what?  The universe has spoken!

Next up:  putting the first packages together!

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