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Artists Round 3

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AT -First Day on Earth

DH- On the other hand

Lark Pien -Doorway

Ariel Schrag – Kids play

JS -Busy as a bee

Jen Wang– Gothic romance

RA – Oasis

Alyssa Taylor Wendt -Warm creature

AD -Dime Store Hussy

Third Mailing

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Words number three

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third round of words


Fresh water

First Day on Earth


On the other hand

First kiss


Kids play

Favorite toy

Gin joint

Hopeless romantic

Busy as a bee


Gothic romance



Warm creature

Cleaned Up

bottles and wishes

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artist – Abby Denson

words given – bottles and wishes

Relaxed Shoe

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artist – Joe Infurnari

words given – relaxed shoe

a worry, impatience and a snafu

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My mom sent me a card from Canada and I all of a sudden got worried.  I pre-postaged all of my Canadian cards  to the Canadian artists  I invited to the diaspora because I didn’t want them to have to pay for their own postage.  I want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to participate.  Trying to find a stamp can be a drag.  Anyways, I ordered stamps from Poste Canada. When I did, those stamps were $1.00 to send a card from Canada to the US.  But my mom’s letter bore a stamp that said $1.03.  Now I am in a panic that all my Canadian cards will never come back to me.  I suppose that is the danger of a diapora.  The words go.  They scatter.  Some long to return but they get lost.  Or damaged.

That said, one postcard made it back to me today and it was heavily damaged.  It looks as though it was ripped apart in the mail sorting machine.  It also looks as though someone in the post office taped it back together so that it would make it on its merry way.  Isn’t that always the case?  Sometimes you get lost and damaged, but you find a friendly hand to get you back on your way.

This is Edited to add!  note from Joe Infurnari, the artist!  (Lesson learned. I should ask the artist first!) –

I actually ‘relaxed’ it. My drawing was in my pocket for a couple days before I sent it off. It was never my intention for it to get creased, but it did. That gave me the idea to embrace it and crumple it up even more. In the process of doing that, it ripped and so needed repairing. Now that shoe is so much more comfortable for having been broken in!

I am now at 10 cards returned, which I think is pretty fantastic.  I am now getting impatient to have 12.  When I have 12 I will print up my first batch of post cards and begin the writerly part of the diaspora.  All the while I will still be sending out words to artists.  Its sort of a staggered event.

Other than that, I can report that Bobby, my post office guy, finds it great fun to put the returned postcards into my po box.  And I get a thrill every time there is something in there.  I love everything that has returned.

And finally, I’ll be twittering updates over at @LitDiaspora

a ghostly visitor

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artist – Sara Varon

words given – a ghostly visitor

the nuts and bolts

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artist – Deric Carner

words given – the nuts and bolts


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artist – Lise Bernier

words given – judgment


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artist – Mo Willems

words given – music