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Third Mailing!

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Artists Round 3

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PR- Nighttime Adventure

SL – Bath

HB – Coffee

SB – The newest technology

CC – Hazardous Material

JB – Afternoon Nap

JL- Child’s Play

mail box

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I had to go to the post office today.  Some of the artists in batch two are from Canada.  I want the mailing back of the postcards to be easy, so I actually bought postage stamps from Canada post to put on their postcards.  So that meant I had to wait til the postage got here before I could send them off.  Today, the Canadian stamps arrived.  I don’t go every day to the post office, although I do go there a lot as is my habit, but now it is so exciting when I go to the PO Box.  I always wonder, “Will there be something inside?”  The past few days it has been sad and empty.  But today, when I opened it up, joy!

I got two postcards back.  One from  Kathrin Hilten and one from Rachel Perry Welty, who really helped me when I started.  She let me walk through my idea with her so that I could be clear about it.  And she has given me my first artistic challenge!  The brilliant postcard she sent is a mirror.  So basically you see yourself when you look at the card.  So now I have to figure out how to recreate that for the 10 postcards I will make.  You can offer me suggestions!

Dark and Stormy

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artist – Rachel Perry Welty

words given – dark and stormy*

(to illustrate this image, I give you another image, to show that the postcard is actually a mirror)

Woman and Ocean

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woman and ocean

artist – Kathrin Hilten

words given – Woman and Ocean