printed postcards received!

In process on March 23, 2011 at 13:17

I am so delighted to have received my first batch of printed postcards from moo.  They are glossy and pretty.  I am a little mad at myself for not being the most perfect scanner, so there are tiny lines on some of the images, but, you know.  It’s the IDEA.  And I think that the authors will still be inspired by the images.



My next task is to match an image to an author.  Originally I was going to do it random, like the visual artists.  But upon reflection I have decided to match author and image.  Also, my pool of authors right now is small as I only have so many actual snail mail addresses.  Emails have been sent to rectify that situation.  But I am also trying to balance authors who write for adults and young adults.  I am very excited!  Hurrah!


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