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Nina Revoyr

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author – Nina Revyor

card given – coffee by Heather Bursch


Morning, shower, my hair wet and tousled, cup of coffee after another sleepless night.  You, in another frame, three thousand miles away.  We talked until the sun rose, birdsong reaching me through the phone.  And sleep was done for me, but who needs it when our nights are fun intimate hot.  Silly words, not fully saddled, but this is the thing: I understand all our languages.  On the phone or in the chatbox, text as teasing, then exchange.  Gentle comradeship—we’ll get there, but now there is this, the straight-to-the-vein buzz, your sociable aroma.  And I leave the house, the phone, the keyboard, our caffeine-driven love, for the drab everyday of the office.  But even the long workday is broken up by wild blossoms, by life no office courtyard can contain.  Across the country, you wake and drink a roast-to-order cup, sipping slowly, chin in your hand.  With you, the lines all fall into place. With you, my world bursts into color.

Two years later and it’s still the same, that first-cup-of-the-morning rush when I hear your voice.  Except now you are here, no more miles between us.  Now I bring you coffee.  We still write and whisper words that can’t be printed on a postcard, our slow-brewed language, tasty everyday.  Late at night, we don’t need the phone anymore.  Smiling sexy and yours, I make my calls in person.


author – Marie Mutsuki Mockett

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author –  Marie Mutsuki Mockett

card given – Little Bird by Ken Garduno


Birds always makes me think of my childhood and parents.  Amateur ornithologists.  Dad built numerous feeders to house species.  He attached a shock wire to the main feeder to shock large mean jays so little birds could eat without fear.  he went to great lengths to protect little birds.  At 8 I got a parakeet – he rode on the handlebars of my bike.  For years I dreamt of birds and trying to protect them.

Author – Steve Almond

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author – Steve Almond

card given – relaxed shoe


I know things look bad from the outside, but HONEST! I have never felt so at peace.

astronaut at work

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artist – chip zdarsky

words given – astronaut at work

Author – Cory Doctorow

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author – Cory Doctorow

card given – doorway


The creepiest thing about contemplating motion in four physical dimensions is the realization that you have NO SKIN in 4-space, and someone there could be fondling your internal organs RIGHT NOW.

gothic romance

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artist – jen wang

words given – Gothic romance

Author – Siobhan Vivian

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author – Siobhan Vivian

card given – Judgment by Lise Bernier


My mom gets super serious when she does my taro cards. It’s hard not to laugh.  She says she’s reading them objectively, but I’m pretty sure the three of cups doesn’t mean that I’m destined to go to Harvard.

terrible garden

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artist – becky cloonan

words given – terrible garden