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artist – Mike Hollingsworth

word given – reborn

pause and return

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I’ve been a bit slow lately.  I came home from art camp and then being home just overwhelmed me.  And I’m broke.  And art takes some loot to keep moving.  I’m trying to figure out how to print my next batch of postcards.  I’ll get it done.  And then there will be mail.  And it will keep going.  I have been so excited about the text responses that have been coming back.  So incredibly fun.  And  I’ve been accumulating addresses to some divine authors for the next round of mailings.  So that will be incredibly fun.  I’ve made a decsion that I’m not going to use post card stamps anymore but will stick with Forever stamps.  This is because the USPS changed the price of post card stamps and now I worry that some cards won’t make it back because they lack a penny for postage.  I went to San Francisco to pick up the California Book Award Gold Medal for my book Grandma’s Gloves and while there I went to a book store and shop dropped some cards.  It is always interesting to see whose books are in a bookstore and whose aren’t.  I can tell you that not every author is in every book store and sometimes the one you think will be there for sure isn’t and the one you think won’t be there at all, is.  I find this encouraging.  Also, as an author I find it comforting.  The point is:  there are a lot of books.