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Patrick DeWitt

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author – Patrick DeWitt

card given – Terrible Garden by Becky Cloonan



Conv. with my son, age 6:

“O.K. (flips card)  “Look at this.”

(Pause) “Cool.”

“What do you see?”

“A girl and a skull.”

“What are they doing together?”

“I don’t know.”

“Does the picture make you feel good or bad?”






-Patrick deWitt, Portland, OR, 2011

Marisa Silver

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Author – Marisa Silver

card given – sunset limited by Darina Karpov


A Recipe:

Take one idea.

Smash it with a hammer, careful to save the resulting shards.

Study each separate piece.

Turn it this way and that.

Find out what it is made of.

Find out what it suggests.


Reconfigure the pieces in a new way.

Don’t mind if they are sloppily joined,

Or if they don’t make the sense you supposed they might when you first began.

Allow the new connections to tell a surprising story.

Be surprised.

Marisa Silver

Authors Third Mailing

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Authors Third Round

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Edan Lepucki – Cruel Stars

Antoine Wilson – Astronaut at Work

DS – Dreaming

EK – Mighty Heart

Patrick deWitt – Terrible Garden

Natalie Standiford – Fresh Water

Marissa Silver – Sunset Limited

Emma Straub – Gothic Romance


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artist – Anna Hollingsworth

words given – parents