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Finished at Last

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artist – Chris Wisnia

card given – finished at last


Natalie Standiford

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author – Natalie Standiford

card given – fresh water by Bruce Lynn



a sad beginning

life gets happier

but nothing is resolved.

Antoine Wilson

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author – Antoine Wilson

card given – astronaut at work by chip zdarsky



To make the fish my own,

I made it not a fish.

Process – Recreating Welty

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One thing that has been hard for me to figure out was how to recreate Rachel Perry Welty’s wonderful piece for the words Dark and Stormy.  It’s basically a mirror.  I asked her if I could recreate it, because, well, I couldn’t scan it!  The whole point is that it has to reflect!  She said, YES.  And so I finally found some stuff that would sort of work.  Now, I am not an artiste of the visual kind.  I am a lady who likes words.  I’m just not crafty.  I couldn’t really do it in kindergarten and I still kind of struggle with it.

They are a little lumpy.  My first attempt I think I used too much glue.  My fourth attempt, I think is the best. Only 6 more to go!  I think that as lumpy as they are, they get the point across.  So I call Success!

My supplies:

the results:

the original welty piece:

Emma Straub

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Author – Emma Straub

Card Given – Gothic Romance by Jen Wang



The woods weren’t like Grandmother said they be, with clear paths and abundant fruit trees.  Though there were roses, little else seemed to grow, and the omnipresent rain had coaxed the brambles across the clearings , weaving stiff branches together like fingers of the dead, immovable.  Still, she had to try to cross her cloak in tatters but still pulled tightly over her head.

Janelle Brown

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author – Janelle Brown

card given – woman and ocean by Kathrin Hilten


woman and ocean



The fish was fine

But! The wine

Tasted terribly of salt.

She wished she’d checked

Before she wrecked

That ship upon the rocks.

Its men now sunk,

Their booze was bunk:

Her efforts were for naught.

“A siren’s life –

So full of strife”

She sighed, before she quaffed.

– Janelle Brown

from the wild / relaxed shoe

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From the wild.

Card: Relaxed Shoe / Joe Infurnari

placed in books by Steve Almond.




artists sixth round

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N – Family Matters

E – An understanding

PB- A guide book of the small

MB – Cool Cat

TH- I want one

Chris Wisnia – Finished at Last

AF- Small Request

PG – Rage

NS – Old Couple Fight

Lisa Brown – Making a Scene