Process – Recreating Welty

In process, rachel perry welty on August 19, 2011 at 19:35

One thing that has been hard for me to figure out was how to recreate Rachel Perry Welty’s wonderful piece for the words Dark and Stormy.  It’s basically a mirror.  I asked her if I could recreate it, because, well, I couldn’t scan it!  The whole point is that it has to reflect!  She said, YES.  And so I finally found some stuff that would sort of work.  Now, I am not an artiste of the visual kind.  I am a lady who likes words.  I’m just not crafty.  I couldn’t really do it in kindergarten and I still kind of struggle with it.

They are a little lumpy.  My first attempt I think I used too much glue.  My fourth attempt, I think is the best. Only 6 more to go!  I think that as lumpy as they are, they get the point across.  So I call Success!

My supplies:

the results:

the original welty piece:

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