Nighttime Adventure

In artists, Peter Reynolds, returned on September 28, 2011 at 12:23

artist:  Peter Reynolds

words given: Nighttime Adventure

  1. Words to go with your picture, scrawled on the fly in about 10 minutes by my 10-year-old, who was having a rough night. She cheered up when I showed her the image and let her stay up to write down the words that popped into her head…

    A Nighttime Adventure

    Little Suzy Jackson was ready to soar to the MOON!
    A magic source would be waiting for her at exactly 12:00 a.m.
    She packed her bags
    She slipped out quick
    And climbed up to the roof
    She gazed upon the starry sky
    Waiting for a sign
    A simple flash
    A dashing star
    Some numbers traced in the sky
    Alas a flash of green light caught the youngun’s eye
    An umbrella with ‘S’ all over it came down for her
    She grabbed the handle, drifted off
    Spent the night on the moon
    When the sunlight came
    She was cozy in her room

    ~ Alexandra

  2. “The first girl to walk on the moon!” she quietly whispered. “What would Billy Haskins think of that?” Now all Margaret had to do was wait till the moon began to set – she knew she would make the jump from her roof…

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