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Mark Haskell Smith

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Author – Mark Haskell Smith

Card Given – Reborn by Mike Hollingsworth



Samsara is a motherfucker so here’s one of my favorite quotes from Shantideva’s “Guide to the Bodhisattvas Way of Life.”

“Therefore, in whatever I do, I will never cause harm to others. And whenever anyone encounters me, may it never be meaningless for them.”

Grace Krilanovich

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Author – Grace Krilanovich

Card Given – Warm Creature by Alyssa Wendt


Outside it was springtime.  A nice yellow flower afternoon full of insects moving on fresh breezes.  The inside of the cave was always a bit like an early  night. S he wanted to know: Did they have names?  Would they be remembered?  Thinking back… a series of pictures, still hazy.  Milk flowed, flowed like paint.  A summer dance, and what else would we remember? Voices calling out:

Bring your own light.

It’s there right in the middle of your chest.

Dig it out and show me.

Here are your rations.

Best of luck.

We love you.

Grace Krilanovich


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artist – William Stone

word given – dread

Meghan Daum

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author – Meghan Daum

card given – No place like home / Sumakshi Singh



This is not the whole story.

In the history of the world a whole story has never been told.

artists 7th mailing

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artists 7th round

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Bill Stone – dread

FH – secret in the house

Ross Campbell – a tricky moment

TD – time marches on

Lisa Beebe – mountain view

DH -the last dance

RT –  take it outside

Kim Glennie – thinking about that day


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artist – melissa auf der maur

words given – destiny

weho book fair

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This past weekend the West Hollywood Book Fair was kind enough to have a little exhibit of the diaspora postcards.