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Pandora’s Box

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Dan santat Pandora's Box


artist – dan santat

words given – pandora’s box

Meg Howrey

In Lisa Beebe, meg howrey, returned on September 5, 2013 at 15:58

meg howrey diaspora

author – Meg Howrey

card given –  Mountain View by Lisa Beebe



The robot is able to keep houseplants alive.

She reads a great deal 

And remembers everything she reads.

She makes a lovely cup of coffee though of course

She does not drink it,

because she would never make bad choices

involving the destruction of her internal organs.

Even her loneliness is better than mine,

Full of poignancy and withhout


— Meg Howrey



Map of a Place to Someday Go

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Alina Chau : map

Artist – Alina Chau

Words Given – Map of a Place to Someday Go

words given – TCAF

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navigational error – SC

sighing over a sunset – FH

bowl of hope – DR

mournful cry – WD

gentle friend- LK

theatrical device – RN

mean streets – AB

hat trick – KO





Kate Noble

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kate noble

author – Kate Noble

card given – First Kiss by Jill Murray

Jill Murray : First Kiss

One perfect memory can live across time and space…

until time takes up no space at all.

-Kate Noble


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artist: John Green

word given: nothing

from the wild / fresh water

In bruce lynn, Natalie Standiford, wild cards on February 27, 2013 at 12:28

From the wild.

Card:  Fresh Water / Bruce Lynn

bruce lynn

placed in books by Natalie Standiford

wild nat standiford

Laura stared at the chords she had within the page.  “Crap,” she thought, “this is getting me nowhere.” She strummed a few more random melodies as she thought back to the subject of her lyrics.  she missed him every day, but she knew they would see each other again someday.  The nights spent alone were tough, but she hoped this song would bring her some comfort.  As she started to put her guitar away, she heard the front door open.  “Hello?” she called out.  She turned to find him in her door frame with open arms.

Aquatic Fashions

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aquatic fashions frieda

artist – frieda gossett

words given – aquatic fashions


In process on January 24, 2013 at 12:09

The poor literary diaspora has been silent for a while.  That was due to extreme poverty and lack of cards.  But that is what happens in a diaspora.  places go silent while there is movement.  Now, with 2013 anew, I begin again the diaspora.

The plan is to reassign all the orphan cards that I’ve received*.  To send out some blank cards to artists to get some more to send out.  (of which I’ve just received my first) and to shop drop some cards into bookstores again.

I realized that this project will just be ongoing and continual and it will have ebbs and flows.  I waned and now I wax.  See my sliver.

*if you are an author or artist that hasn’t mailed in your card yet, why not do that today?