In process on January 24, 2013 at 12:09

The poor literary diaspora has been silent for a while.  That was due to extreme poverty and lack of cards.  But that is what happens in a diaspora.  places go silent while there is movement.  Now, with 2013 anew, I begin again the diaspora.

The plan is to reassign all the orphan cards that I’ve received*.  To send out some blank cards to artists to get some more to send out.  (of which I’ve just received my first) and to shop drop some cards into bookstores again.

I realized that this project will just be ongoing and continual and it will have ebbs and flows.  I waned and now I wax.  See my sliver.

*if you are an author or artist that hasn’t mailed in your card yet, why not do that today?

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