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Marisa Silver

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Author – Marisa Silver

card given – sunset limited by Darina Karpov


A Recipe:

Take one idea.

Smash it with a hammer, careful to save the resulting shards.

Study each separate piece.

Turn it this way and that.

Find out what it is made of.

Find out what it suggests.


Reconfigure the pieces in a new way.

Don’t mind if they are sloppily joined,

Or if they don’t make the sense you supposed they might when you first began.

Allow the new connections to tell a surprising story.

Be surprised.

Marisa Silver

full p o box and return to sender quandry

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I was away for two months working on the draft of a new  WIP graphic novel.  It was pretty amazing and very productive.  There I met a lot of great artists who did some postcards for me that I call the Art Camp sessions. People like Darina Karpov, Jesse Bercowetz, Kimetha Vanderveen, Sumakshi Singh, and Matt Jensen.  Of course, I had no idea what was going on at home and arriving in my po box. I dared to hope that things would keep coming back.  And I was not disappointed when I went to the post office today.  I’m going to roll them out slowly so that they can be savored and it won’t be too much at once.  I just started with Bruce Lynn’s Fresh Water.  But what was great was that I got some writing back, too!  I got microtexts from some pretty amazing people  and I even got my first out in the wild shop dropped card from a total stranger!  Amazing!

Now what i have to figure out is what do I do with the few envelopes that were returned to sendered to me?  Are they OUT.  Or can I put them back in?  Three of them have wrong addresses on them.  I think I can resend them.

Also, for those who will want to see everything live and together, I have good news.  It looks like there is a great thing cooking up with the West Hollywood Book Fair to show and read what I have gotten back so far in October.  More on this later!

Sunset Limited

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artist: Darina Karpov

words given: sunset limited