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full p o box and return to sender quandry

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I was away for two months working on the draft of a new  WIP graphic novel.  It was pretty amazing and very productive.  There I met a lot of great artists who did some postcards for me that I call the Art Camp sessions. People like Darina Karpov, Jesse Bercowetz, Kimetha Vanderveen, Sumakshi Singh, and Matt Jensen.  Of course, I had no idea what was going on at home and arriving in my po box. I dared to hope that things would keep coming back.  And I was not disappointed when I went to the post office today.  I’m going to roll them out slowly so that they can be savored and it won’t be too much at once.  I just started with Bruce Lynn’s Fresh Water.  But what was great was that I got some writing back, too!  I got microtexts from some pretty amazing people  and I even got my first out in the wild shop dropped card from a total stranger!  Amazing!

Now what i have to figure out is what do I do with the few envelopes that were returned to sendered to me?  Are they OUT.  Or can I put them back in?  Three of them have wrong addresses on them.  I think I can resend them.

Also, for those who will want to see everything live and together, I have good news.  It looks like there is a great thing cooking up with the West Hollywood Book Fair to show and read what I have gotten back so far in October.  More on this later!

Mighty Heart

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artist – Jesse Bercowetz

words given – mighty heart

Artists Round 5 (art camp)

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Kimetha Vanderveen – untitled number 3

DL – hobo close encounter

Matt Jensen – ruby red lips

Sumakshi Singh– no place like home

Darina Karpov – sunset limited

ZC – summer storm

BW – empty

Jesse Bercowetz – mighty heart

L – he’s good people