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Pandora’s Box

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Dan santat Pandora's Box


artist – dan santat

words given – pandora’s box

Map of a Place to Someday Go

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Alina Chau : map

Artist – Alina Chau

Words Given – Map of a Place to Someday Go

words given – TCAF

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navigational error – SC

sighing over a sunset – FH

bowl of hope – DR

mournful cry – WD

gentle friend- LK

theatrical device – RN

mean streets – AB

hat trick – KO






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artist: John Green

word given: nothing

Thinking about that day

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artist – Miss Kim Glennie

words given – thinking about that day

Betsy Franco

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author – Betsy Franco

card given – making a scene by Lisa Brown



A tantrum is furious, fretful and fun.

I’m loving the sound that I make.

I hope that my mom lets me do what I want,

though my tantrum is actually fake.

Betsy Franco

© 2012 Betsy Franco

artists 8th round

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MS – dream diver

F– Aquatic fashions

SM – Queenly duty

RK – alien landing

artists 8th mailing

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First Kiss

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artist – Jill Murray

words given – First Kiss

Time Marches On

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artist – Tony DiTerlizzi

words given – Time Marches On