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Edan Lepucki

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author – Edan Lepucki

card given – cruel stars by Julia Denos


She didn’t like the hair extensions her stylist gave her, but she wasn’t the type to complain.  She was in fact, the type to tip well for a service she was unhappy with.  On the bus ride home, she hoped she looked majestic & cruel, though she knew — she knew! — she was merely a young woman with terrible hair.  Was there anything worse?

-Edan Lepucki


cruel stars

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artist – Julia Denos

words given – cruel stars

Artists Round 2

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Gabriela Salazar – The Dreamer

Joe Infurnari – Relaxed Shoe

Abby Denson – Bottles and Wishes

Sara Varon – A ghostly visitor

BH – Jack in the Box

Julia Denos– Cruel Stars

SH- Gang of Four

DT- Bad Day

Chip Zdarsky – Astronaut at Work

PH – Closet Monster

CS – Train Voyage