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Janelle Brown

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author – Janelle Brown

card given – woman and ocean by Kathrin Hilten


woman and ocean



The fish was fine

But! The wine

Tasted terribly of salt.

She wished she’d checked

Before she wrecked

That ship upon the rocks.

Its men now sunk,

Their booze was bunk:

Her efforts were for naught.

“A siren’s life –

So full of strife”

She sighed, before she quaffed.

– Janelle Brown

mail box

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I had to go to the post office today.  Some of the artists in batch two are from Canada.  I want the mailing back of the postcards to be easy, so I actually bought postage stamps from Canada post to put on their postcards.  So that meant I had to wait til the postage got here before I could send them off.  Today, the Canadian stamps arrived.  I don’t go every day to the post office, although I do go there a lot as is my habit, but now it is so exciting when I go to the PO Box.  I always wonder, “Will there be something inside?”  The past few days it has been sad and empty.  But today, when I opened it up, joy!

I got two postcards back.  One from  Kathrin Hilten and one from Rachel Perry Welty, who really helped me when I started.  She let me walk through my idea with her so that I could be clear about it.  And she has given me my first artistic challenge!  The brilliant postcard she sent is a mirror.  So basically you see yourself when you look at the card.  So now I have to figure out how to recreate that for the 10 postcards I will make.  You can offer me suggestions!

Woman and Ocean

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woman and ocean

artist – Kathrin Hilten

words given – Woman and Ocean

Artists Round 1

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TN – Chair, Table Window

NP – forgiveness

JR – Street Scene

Kathrin Hilten – Woman and Ocean

MF– the best tree ever

KV – My last sigh

Deric Carner– the nuts and bolts

Mike Hollingsworth– Reborn

Ken Garduno – Little Bird

TM  – Up in the Sky

Lise Bernier – Judgment

Dan Santat– Pandora’s Box

Mo Willems – Music

BC – terrible garden

Anna Hollingsworth – Parents

Rachel Perry Welty – Dark and Stormy

MA – destiny

Diane Michaeli– body part

JP – Night Diner

JF– mythological creature

(when and if postcards come back, I will put the full name of artist and a link to them so you may enjoy what they do)