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The poor literary diaspora has been silent for a while.  That was due to extreme poverty and lack of cards.  But that is what happens in a diaspora.  places go silent while there is movement.  Now, with 2013 anew, I begin again the diaspora.

The plan is to reassign all the orphan cards that I’ve received*.  To send out some blank cards to artists to get some more to send out.  (of which I’ve just received my first) and to shop drop some cards into bookstores again.

I realized that this project will just be ongoing and continual and it will have ebbs and flows.  I waned and now I wax.  See my sliver.

*if you are an author or artist that hasn’t mailed in your card yet, why not do that today?

artists 8th round

In artists, mailings, process on January 12, 2012 at 11:59

MS – dream diver

F– Aquatic fashions

SM – Queenly duty

RK – alien landing

artists 8th mailing

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Shop dropping

In bookstores, Lisa Brown, process, shop dropping on January 6, 2012 at 21:05

shop dropping the new author cards at my local indie bookstore*.  Top card by Lisa Brown. 


*if I were you I’d try skylight books

Authors Round 6

In authors, mailings, process on January 6, 2012 at 20:59

CY – bad day

BE – Dread

SZ – destiny

TG – a tricky moment

BF – making a scene (lisa brown)

CB – starry night

Author Mailing 6

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One Year

In Matthew Jensen, musings, process, rachel perry welty on December 31, 2011 at 18:03

It’s been one year since I started the Literary Diaspora.  It’s been a grand old time and I’ve been so excited about all of the stuff that I have received in the mail.  I am very thankful to all of the artists and authors who have engaged in my little art game.  Their work has been truly amazing and the results are beyond what I had dared to hope for. I was so lucky to have spent time again at the Macdowell Colony this past spring and I got great art cards back from the artists there.  Amazing.  Macdowell is also where I met my two conceptual art mentors, Rachel Perry Welty (from my first time there) and Matt Jensen.  Their encouragement and sage advice has been really important to me.  I was also very glad to have had the West Hollywood Book Fair do a little poster board of the diaspora at the festival this year.

I thought that I would reassess what my plan is with the project now that I’ve hit (minus one day) the one year mark.  The diaspora is my first art project.  But I was stymied by lack of money for many months and so felt that I couldn’t really do it with the 100% commitment that I had wanted.  That bummed me out.  I had trouble printing up cards or doing mailings.  Art is expensive!  I thought perhaps that I should extend the project by 6 months to make up for my 6 months of struggle.  But recently, when in NYC, I spoke with Matt Jensen and he said, “Why not just keep doing it indefinitely?  You are an author.  You are always going to have arty friend.  Just do it as something that you do.  Some of my projects take 5 years minimum.  Just keep it going.”

And with that simple conversation it was settled.  I will continue to do the diaspora for the very long foreseeable future.  And I am very excited about it.

So, authors!  Artists!  Check your mail boxes!  And also, if you haven’t sent your card back yet  you can send your card back to me any time for now it is perpetual and ongoing!!  And when things are scattered they sometimes take a long time to get back home.

Happy New Year.

Love, Cecil

artists 7th mailing

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artists 7th round

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Bill Stone – dread

FH – secret in the house

Ross Campbell – a tricky moment

TD – time marches on

Lisa Beebe – mountain view

DH -the last dance

RT –  take it outside

Kim Glennie – thinking about that day

Process – Recreating Welty

In process, rachel perry welty on August 19, 2011 at 19:35

One thing that has been hard for me to figure out was how to recreate Rachel Perry Welty’s wonderful piece for the words Dark and Stormy.  It’s basically a mirror.  I asked her if I could recreate it, because, well, I couldn’t scan it!  The whole point is that it has to reflect!  She said, YES.  And so I finally found some stuff that would sort of work.  Now, I am not an artiste of the visual kind.  I am a lady who likes words.  I’m just not crafty.  I couldn’t really do it in kindergarten and I still kind of struggle with it.

They are a little lumpy.  My first attempt I think I used too much glue.  My fourth attempt, I think is the best. Only 6 more to go!  I think that as lumpy as they are, they get the point across.  So I call Success!

My supplies:

the results:

the original welty piece: